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Can’t stop, won’t stop emphasizing this!
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Few people have asked me in the past couple days how I always stay so motivated, how I have time and energy to train as often as I do or how I eat yummy food and stay lean. Simple answer: I DON’T always!!! Luckily the photo on the right is my current look because that’s much closer to my desired look than the photo on the left. I’ve been prioritizing fitness and nutrition, casually but more strictly than average, for the past couple months. Left photo was after happily prioritizing work, fun and other things, with little less effort in the gym department.
I don’t always have the motivation nor desire to eat properly. Sure I’ll always eat properly no less than let’s say 85% of the time because I want to nourish my body, but often times it’s fun to enjoy life, food, relaxation, prioritize work and friends and other aspects of life that may contradict your fitness goals. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy balance and in addition, you’re that much more motivated to really give it your all when you want to take X months and push your athletics and aesthetics to an even higher caliber. When the time came for the push, I simply increased my adherence to let’s say 98%. Eating perfectly healthy and according to macros throughout the week, 5-6 nutritious meals a day, and come the weekend ease off that 2% to do extra fun stuff and eat extra fatty foods.
Balance is critical. High and low points, motivated and not motivated, busy and less busy moments are all to be expected throughout life, including gym life. Don’t lose complete control and roller coaster from one extreme to the next, but don’t beat yourself up for some unplanned piggy meals, rest days or a handful of pounds added onto your thighs and triceps!
Life would be boring if it was 100% predictable and flawless. Embrace the unexpected, never look back, and just simply enjoy every second of it, abs or NOT! 💪🏼 & for online training inquiries if you’re ready for that push!
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